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There were whispers that many years ago humanity controlled all life on Earth... Was that true? I guess we will find out.

Left for dead after a brutal beating, Flint has a choice to make that could change the planet forever in ways no one could fathom. When news of his best friend's kidnapping reaches his village he is left alone while the others go to save her. What is a good man to do but fight for what he believes in and find his best friend before it's too late?

Leaving the safety of his home and all he knows, Flint jumps headlong into a new Earth that is far more deadly, and dangerous, than anything he had faced before. As he races across the new landscapes of his home, he is confronted by many enemies. Plants, robots, and even family will try to slow him down, but nothing will stand in his way of saving his best friend.

So, the question must be asked. What is true friendship worth in a post-apocalyptic world and would you have what it takes to save it? Will Flint? Or will he even have what it takes to survive? 

Who is Aaron Ramsby?

"Aaron is a talented and educated author who can bring people into Science Fiction in a way that others rarely do. He has drawn readers in from different backgrounds and genres who avidly await upcoming books. Given his varied background, he entertains many diverse ideas in his story telling. The worlds he creates and the characters that live in them draw you into the story with action packed adventures."

Quote from: C.D.H. 2023

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Ruins of Ivy

The Aurora Project: Book 1

Coming soon... January 23rd, 2024

Forgotten Steel

The Aurora Project: Book 2

Coming soon... Look for it mid 2024

Book 3

The Aurora Project: Book 3

Coming soon...